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about us

King Solomon + Joey Koresh = Alien Religion

Alien Religion

King Solomon and Joey Koresh have come together to form Alien Religion Productions. They have both been producing music for over 10 years and are now focusing on hip hop production. They believe that through the art of music, people can begin to have open discussions about the crises that we are all facing in this very unique and difficult time in human history.   

King Solomon

Born into a family of music connoisseurs, King Solomon, was trained to play the piano at a young age. Music was a major part of Solomon's life from day one and at the formative age of 4 he would embark on what has turned into a life-long partnership with the piano. He is both a classically and a jazz trained pianist. 


Today his life still revolves around his love of music. He spends his time sharing his passion with his 3 children and teaching piano lessons and hip hop production to students of all ages. In addition he continues performing  regularly on keyboard with numerous jazz, Latin Jazz, and salsa bands, and producing beats for many acclaimed hip hop artists.

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Joey Koresh


HUMANS, why are we here? who made us? how were we made? and what is in store for OUR SPECIES and for the EARTH?......


Alien Religion is both a Production Company, and a Movement. We STRONGLY BELIEVE that religion and the human species are tied to EXTRA/INTRA Terrestrials. Through the ART of MUSIC, particularly hip-hop and rap, we hope to open up dialogue concerning the above questions, and give voice to possible answers that have not been presented to most. These answers usually are not taken seriously, but from our vantage point actually make more sense than the LIES and DECEPTION we are being fed in our schools and in our religious teachings. Also, these answers fit historical accounts from virtually all ANCIENT texts and indigenous peoples.


After a long and still continuing quest for knowledge through persistant research, study, and reflection, we have encountered overwhelming Scientific, Archaeological, and Anecdotal evidence that leads us to the following conclusions…that humans are a genetically engineered slave species, designed by a scientifically advanced extra terrestrial race, better known as the gods. In addition we believe that there is an elite global conspiracy to shut down these ideas.


The more people know and understand our Origins, History, and current situation the better position we are in as a human race to improve our species and experience peace and freedom. 

We found the following resources below helpful in our research. For more information you can also check out our blog.

Recommended Reading

all books by David Icke

Slave Species of the Gods: The Secret History of the Annunaki and Their Mission on Earth--Michael Tellinger

Intervention Theory--Lloyd Pye

Bloodline of the Gods--Nick Redfern

The Twelfth Planet--Zecharia Sitchin

Judeo/Christian Bible including The Book of Enoch

The Alien Agenda--Jim Marrs

Flat Earth Clues: The Sky's the Limit--Mark Sargent and Lisa Newton

Alien Relgion Hip Hop Production books
Recommended reading